About Us

What we do

We're a not-for-profit company run by a small team of gamers. We started this journey in 2010, providing CoD4 Promod servers. This quickly became a big hit, and a few years later we added more and more games. If you didn't know already, the free part means they are temporary servers that go offline after all players have left. Having the paid side of our platform is how we're able to pay for our infrastructure. Every bit of money that comes in is paid back into the platform. If you need to keep your server online or want extras find out more about Pro →

How we do it

By using high-spec servers with a great network, we can cope with high demand without overloading each server. We work with some of the best companies to host our servers. When you create a server, we start a new instance of the game in 'server mode' which allows us to automate it via the command line. We do this through our very own API which can handle thousands of actions per second.

Why us?

Well, we're gamers too so we know what settings players need. We actually want to be known for great servers, so any lag or downtime is not good news. Although downtime and problems can happen to any company, we'll be here to talk to and by the time you do, we may have already fixed the problem. If you ask us questions or give suggestions, we'll happily take them onboard. Our support hours are for most of the day in the UTC timezone. You may get a reply at 2am from us if you're lucky.