Frequently asked questions so we don't have to repeatedly answer them!

How long will my free server be online for?

As long as someone is playing on the server, it won't be stopped.

Your server will not be stopped unless you're excessively idling to keep it online. We have a limited amount so please purchase Pro if you want to keep it online 24/7.

Can I change server settings?

You can. You will need to use RCON commands or an RCON tool for the game you're using. HLSW supports a lot of games. If you want to find out more about RCON commands for games we support, head over to the help section for RCON Commands.

Do you supply FTP or a file manager?

We do not support or supply access to server files right now.

We're working on providing this on our new Connect service. If you want more information about this and how much it will cost, please contact us.

Can I use the server as a public server?

Yes. You can but please be aware, we can't setup your server the same way each time for you. You can remove the join password etc via RCON but refined settings like class limits or custom timelimit options will have to be changed each time. We also can't guarantee the same IP and port each time unless you have a Pro server.

Do we sponsor teams?

We're opening up sponsorship applications until 2021. Please submit your application here.

Additionally, if you are an admin/owner of an Esports organisation and you would like to work together, please get in touch as well.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Contact us via our online form or Discord if you have any questions or problems.