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Questions about our services
How long will my server be online for?

A minimum of 2 hours. You can actually keep it online until you're idling it and not actively using it. After 2 hours, it will get scanned constantly to check how many players are on it. Once there's only 1 player on, you run the risk of it being stopped by staff, unless you're actually using it (no idling).

Can I change server settings?

You can. You will need to use RCON commands or an RCON tool for the game you're using. HLSW supports a lot of games. If you want to find out more about RCON commands for games we support, head over to the help section for RCON Commands.

Can I use the server as a public server?

You can but please be aware, we can't setup your server the same way each time for you. You can remove the join password etc via RCON but refined settings like class limits or custom time options will have to be changed each time. We also can't guarantee the same IP and port each time.

Does FSHOST sponsor teams?

At the moment, we are NOT sponsoring any teams with free permanent servers. Please keep checking back here for more info. If however you have an organisation that could bring a lot of users to our service, please get in touch.

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