FAQ - We have some frequently asking questions to help you

Rules for our Servers

How long will my server be online for?

Once requested, your server will stay online for at least 2 hours, regardless of how many players are on it.
After 2 hours, it will get stopped if there are no players on the server.

How can I change maps and gametype?

You will need to use RCON commands or an RCON tool for your OS.
If you want to find out more about RCON commands, head over to the help section for RCON Commands.

Can I use the server as a public server?

You *can* but most of the time you will want custom settings and you will need to set that up yourself using RCON commands.
You're welcome to remove the password and share the IP and port for people to connect though.

Does FSHOST sponsor teams?

At the moment, we do NOT sponsor anyone with a free permanent server.
Please keep checking back here for more info.