Our paid, on-demand game servers

Top-up your account and create servers in seconds. To find out more, check our pricing and what features we offer for each game.


About Pro

If you're not already familiar with our service, we offer both free and paid on-demand game servers. You can get servers in multiple regions around Europe and we also have one in Asia. While we don't offer a 'full control panel', we aim to give you a server which is configured with everything you'll need.

If you want to try our servers out before purchasing, please create a free server here. You will be able to see the quality we offer.

When you're ready, just top-up your account and use it whenever you need.

Flexible pricing

Our Pro servers are billed hourly for a maximum of 24 hours in a month. After that, your server is free for the rest of the month.

If you only need your server for 10 hours a month, you can stop your server and not be charged (we're nice like that).

Note: You will never be charged more than the monthly cost of the game.