Our paid game servers

Top-up your account and create servers in seconds. To find out more, check our pricing and what features we offer for each game.


About Pro

If you're not already familiar with our service, we offer both free and paid on-demand game servers. You can get servers in multiple regions. While we don't offer a 'full control panel', we aim to give you a server which is configured with everything you'll need.

If you want to try our servers out before purchasing, please create a free server here. You will be able to see the quality we offer, and ask us about anything you're unsure of before buying.

When you're ready, just top-up your account and use it whenever you need.

Fair Pricing

We have priced our Pro servers very fairly. All we aim to do is make enough to pay for the machine that runs your server. We don't take a profit.

Note: You will be charged once you start your server(s). Expired servers are free for 1 month.