Ben (bashy)

Head of Platform


I started this project in 2010 around the time I was running a well known CoD4 gaming community. While those days seem like a lifetime ago, this site reminds me how far I've come and the friends I made along the way. It's amazing to see all the gamers play games on our servers and talk about FSHOST. Together with the other staff here, we help keep it running (it's actually a lot of work) as well as update it with new games and features.

Discord: 8ashy

Mikkel (miksen)

System Operator, Support


I signed up for this site in 2018 as a regular user. After two years, I wanted to join the team to help out as a Supporter & System Operator of FSHOST. I am in charge of the CS2 Department.

Motto: You must always describe what the problem is in detail, and always inform us of serverID.
Discord: miksen

Bandiii (bandiii92)



I signed up to this site in 2013 as a normal user. After a while, I felt like I wanted to help out. I asked bashy about donating a server for people to use and here I am today, helping fix problems with servers and still donating servers. I helped bring the CS games to FSHOST so if you play on them, I pretty much made that happen.

I really found it hard to keep paying out of my money for this service year after year, so bandiii helped a lot to keep this project alive in some tough times. Thanks! - bashy
Discord: bandiii92