Rules - We have a few rules to keep it fair for everyone

Rules for our Servers

  • Do not remove our advert text in the hostname

    Do not remove the (free @ text from the hostname. We run a free service and getting more people to use our site is great for keeping it free.

    We want to be here as long as possible!

  • One server per person

    Please don't make multiple accounts to try and get more servers. We have a limited amount and at busy times, they do get used up quickly.

    If we do find people using two or more accounts, your accounts will be denied access to FSHOST.

  • Do not idle on the server

    Please do not idle on the server just to keep it online. Any servers found to have only 1 player in after an excessive amount of time, will be stopped.

    We will check you're not actually playing first before stopping your server.