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Call of Duty

Play a classic game that's still being supported after it came out in 2003. If you have a mod you think we should add, please provide all the details for us. We cannot add custom maps for this game.
€4.00 monthly
Take a look at what you get
If you're looking for a particular setup, please get in touch before ordering so we can let you know if we can provide it.
  • Players: 2-18
  • Versions: v1.1, v1.5
  • Cracked: No
  • Punkbuster: On or Off
Plugins / Mods
  • Pam 110
  • CoD1 Mania
  • None (Stock)
  • N/A for this game

We support this game in these locations

Our team are always looking at possible regions but we can't due to network and resource requirements.
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Germany Falkenstein
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United States Ashburn, VA
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Germany Frankfurt