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How to request a game server

If you're new to FSHOST, you will first need to register then login. From there you can request and host your own free game server. Get started by using the button below or the main menu. We may look into providing mix (pug) systems so you can enter a server with a full 5v5 setup straight from this website.

Request a Free Game Server

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Latest Free Server Requests

# Owner Game Mod Server Created
502,864 Fidanzo COD4 pml220 Orion
502,863 jaizzi COD4 pml220 Orion
502,862 Panjanusz COD4 pml220 Orion
502,861 shaheerkhan COD4 pml220 Orion
502,860 kushy COD4 pml220 Orion
502,859 shaheerkhan COD4 pml220 Orion
502,858 Insanrsmartaa COD4 pml220 Orion
502,857 Insanrsmartaa COD4 pml220 Orion
502,856 kawya COD4 none Orion
502,855 Kosala123 COD4 pml220 Orion