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The features offered by our service

You can host any of our available games for an unlimited amount of time. We only stop servers
that have been online for more than 1 hour and have no players in.

If you want to know more about our service or are interesting in supplying us a server for
gamers, we can give you a run down of stats and benefits.

Custom Maps

You can pick from our large list of maps or request one.

Unlimited Time

You can use our servers for as long as you want.1

Mix System

Create and join matches with friends or strangers.2

Control Your Server

You can control your server via RCON. No restrictions.

Happy Advertising

We don't have in-game adverts that will distract you.

Low Server Load

We don't max out our servers. Helps you not lag.

Available customisations & features.

All of the above features come with the following customisations. We try to give you the most customisable options while keeping our service uncomplicated.

Player Slots
Server Location
Custom Maps
Workshop Maps
Manual Stop
Screenshot Viewing

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  1. Only empty servers will be automatically stopped. We won't stop servers with players online unless idling for excessive amounts of time.
  2. Coming back soon.